Move It March



I consider myself fit and healthy enough to complete this challenge.
I understand that the organiser shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury that I may suffer and which arises directly or indirectly from me completing this challenge

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With the gyms still closed, the temptation to spend entire evenings on the sofa is strong, but keeping active has never been so important. This spring, we are rolling out a 31-day exercise challenge, ‘Move it March’.

We encourage you to raise a minimum of £31 in sponsorship by exercising for 31 minutes per day, every day, throughout March.

From running and cycling to doing star-jumps in the living room or simply walking the dog, anything goes. Please look at our idea’s at the top of the page! You can download our daily exercise chart  to have on your fridge, your notice board or in your diary to help you keep track.


Certificates will be issued to all who complete the challenge!